Division of School Facilities


In the event of a major storm or other emergency please call our information hotline at
for additional information.
The Division of School Facilities, in partnership with the Career and Technical Education (CTE) office, offers students from CTE schools the opportunity to work with skilled tradespersons in a hands-on learning environment....
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The Division of School Facilities (DSF) proudly collaborates with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on a joint project to install low-flush toilets throughout our buildings. Utilizing DEP funding (totaling over $33 Million through Fiscal Year 2017) and the Department of Education’s Job Order Contract, DSF expects approximately 30,000 fixtures to be replaced. This type of collaboration between agencies allows the City to accomplish massive projects which could not be achieved without this kind of partnership....
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The Division of School Facilities has developed a Standing Water Management Plan to mitigate risks associated with diseases that are caused by mosquitoes. The Plan outlines the best practices and procedures to be followed by Custodian Engineers and Building Managers, to avoid ponding before a rain event and abate standing water 48-72 hours after a rain event, or other operational activities that can lead to standing water.

This Plan complies with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (DoHMH) regulation (Title 24: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - New York City Health Codes - Title IV: Environmental Sanitation› Part B: Control of Environment› Article 151: Rodents, Insects and Other Pests. Click here for NYC Rules) governing standing water.

For additional information please visit the DoHMH website at:http://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/zika-virus.page

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