Division of School Facilities


Ottavio Lamantia, Custodian Engineer for the Grace Dodge Career and Technical Education High School (X660) in the Bronx, wins the DOE 2014 Energy Champion Award.

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In partnership with DCAS, the DOE is holding a building energy competition during winter 2014/2015. One winner will be selected from each borough. A Custodian Engineer at each winning school can select a maintenance repair or an energy retrofit project related to HVAC/Lighting of his/her choosing up to $10,000. The deadline to sign up for this competition is October 27th, Monday COB.

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Mayor de Blasio announced a major investment in solar power at City schools, funding 24 installations as part of the administration’s new green buildings plan (One City, Built to Last), tripling the amount of solar currently planned on City-owned buildings, and marking another step forward as the City works to dramatically reduce its contributions to climate change. Click here to read the full announcement.