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P141K @ P380K
OPT Code: 14459 ATS Code: 75K141 Building Code: K002 District 75 School
370 marcy aveBrooklynNY11206 Borough: Brooklyn
Phone: (718) 388-4800 District: 14
School Schedule
Special Education Students *
 Student Schedule

* OPT has approved the above schedule for yellow school bus service to and from this school. Students who do not take the school bus may begin and be dismissed from school at different times.
School Bus Routes and Stops:
Special Education Door-to-Door Busing:
Number of Routes: 25
K234 8Standard Bus : SEempire charter service inc (EQ) (718) 485-8002
K235 6Standard Bus : SEallied transit corp. (IE) (718) 485-8002
K236 8Standard Bus : SEjofaz transportation inc. (JZ) (718) 444-9517
K351 4Mini Wagony & m transit corp (b2192) (YM) (718) 852-0286
K366 3Mini Wagony & m transit corp (b2192) (YM) (718) 455-4207
K439 7Hydraulic Liftl & m bus corp (a) (LU) (718) 942-6410
K440 5Hydraulic Liftboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K441 6Hydraulic Liftboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K442 8Hydraulic Liftl & m bus corp (a) (LU) (718) 942-6410
K691 1Mini Wagony & m transit corp (b2192) (YM) (718) 852-0286
K692 1Mini Wagonreliant transportation, inc (b2321) (RV) (718) 389-4241
K696 2Mini Wagony & m transit corp (b2192) (YM) (718) 444-9510
K791 7Mini Wagonreliant transportation, inc (b2321) (RV) (718) 389-4241
K930 1Ramp Wagonboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K952 5Ramp Wagonboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K954 3Ramp Wagonboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K969 2Ramp Wagonboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
L010 3A/B Flexmutual bus corp. (b2321) (NL) (718) 961-7600
L039 1A/B Flexmutual bus corp. (b2321) (NL) (718) 961-7600
L051 2A/B Flexboro transit, inc. (BO) Not Available
L587 3Mini Wagonhoyt transportation corp. (AP) (718) 665-3019
L686 6Mini Wagonlorinda enterprises, ltd. (LR) (718) 597-3222
L775 3A/B Flexhappy child trans llc (b2192) (HA) (718) 257-5555
L985 3A/B Flexboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
L986 5A/B Flexboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
MetroCards Issued:
Half Fare Full Fare
0 21

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