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PS 203
OPT Code: 22203 ATS Code: 22K203 Building Code: K203 Public School
5101 avenue mBrooklynNY11234 Borough: Brooklyn Borough Field Support Director (code) : Mauriciere de Govia(KFSS)
Phone: (718) 241-8488 District: 22
Summer 2017 - Transportation Information

School Bus Routes and Stops:
General Education Stop-to-School Busing: Click Here To See All General Education Stops
Number of Routes: 4 Number of Stops: 27
Number of Routes: 0 Number of Stops: 0
K2203 Morningboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K2206 Morningboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K2207 Morningboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
K2210 Morningboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
Special Education Door-to-Door Busing:
Number of Routes: 1
L718 2Mini Wagonlorinda ent. ltd. (LR) (718) 738-7373
MetroCards Issued:
Half Fare Full Fare
0 31

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