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P993Q @ PS 499
OPT Code: 25463 ATS Code: 75Q993 Building Code: Q191 District 75 School
148-20 reeves avenueQueensNY11367 Borough: Queens
Phone: (718) 461-7462 District: 25
School Schedule
Special Education Students *
 Student Schedule

* OPT has approved the above schedule for yellow school bus service to and from this school. Students who do not take the school bus may begin and be dismissed from school at different times.
School Bus Routes and Stops:
Special Education Door-to-Door Busing:
Number of Routes: 18
Q401 6Mini Wagonhoyt transportation corp. (AP) (718) 665-3019
Q398 8Mini Wagonboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
T006 1 richmond county ambulance serv (HM) Not Available
Q833 3Ramp Wagonall american school bus corp. (AM) (718) 932-1500
P654 1Mini Wagonlogan bus company inc. (LG) (718) 597-3222
P547 4Mini Wagonacme bus corp. (b2321) (EY) (516) 766-6740
Q399 10Mini Wagonlorinda ent. ltd. (LR) (718) 738-7373
Q147 3Standard Bus : SEl & m bus corp. (b2192) (LW) (718) 942-6410
Q359 5Mini Wagonlorinda ent. ltd. (LR) (718) 738-7373
Q360 4Mini Wagonhoyt transportation corp. (AP) (718) 665-3019
Q800 6A/B Flexfirst steps transp inc. (b2192) (FR) (347) 492-3200
Q823 7A/B Flexfirst steps transp inc. (b2192) (FR) (347) 492-3200
Q809 1Ramp Wagonboro transit, inc. (BO) (718) 346-9600
Q827 4Ramp Wagonall american school bus corp. (AM) (718) 932-1500
Q826 5Ramp Wagonall american school bus corp. (AM) (718) 932-1500
Q832 5Ramp Wagonhoyt transportation corp. (AP) (718) 665-3019
Q312 6Mini Wagonlittle linda bus co.,inc. (LL) (718) 738-7373
P856 5A/B Flexmutual bus corp. (b2321) (NL) (718) 961-7600
MetroCards Issued:
Half Fare Full Fare
0 101

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