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Date and Time:7/17/2018 10:36:03 PM
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Vendor NameStatusTotal RoutesRoutes Active TodayCompletedPending 
ADDIES TRANSPORTATION, INC Routes are completed2222220AD
ALL AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS CORP. Routes are completed2212202200AM
ALLIED TRANSIT CORP. Routes are completed4040400IE
BOBBY`S BUS CO. INC. Routes are completed2727270BB
BORO TRANSIT, INC. Routes are completed2582582580BO
CONSOLIDATED BUS TRANSIT, INC. Routes are completed1271271270CS
EMPIRE STATE BUS CORP. Routes are completed4646460EM
GRANDPA`S BUS CO., INC. Routes are completed4545450GB
HOYT TRANSPORTATION CORP. Routes are completed3243233230AP
IC BUS INC. Routes are not completed5555055IA
JOFAZ TRANSPORTATION INC. Routes are completed4184164160JZ
L & M BUS CORP (A) Routes are completed2929290LU
LITTLE RICHIE BUS SERVICE Routes are completed2462462460LB
LOGAN BUS COMPANY INC. Routes are completed5715715710LG
LORINDA ENTERPRISES, LTD. Routes are completed3413413410LR
LORISSA BUS SERVICE INC. Routes are completed1212120LS
PIONEER - BRONXRoutes are completed5555550PT
PIONEER - STATEN ISLANDRoutes are completed7676760PT
Pioneer QueensRoutes are completed1616160PT
PRIDE TRANSPORTATION (SCH AGE) Routes are completed3793793790PC
QUALITY TRANSPORTATION CORP. Routes are completed1111110QL
R & C TRANSIT INC. Routes are completed5550RQ
RELIANT TRANS, INC. Routes are not completed2822810281VL
SAFE COACH INC. Routes are completed8080800SF
SNT BUS INC Routes are completed4747470NW
VAN TRANS LLC Routes are completed7171710VF