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Date and Time:7/29/2014 6:53:20 PM
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Vendor NameStatusTotal RoutesCompletedPending
ADDIES Routes are completed22220
ALL AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS CORP. Routes are completed2662660
ALLIED TRANSIT CORP. Routes are completed34340
BOBBY`S BUS CO. INC. Routes are completed17170
BORO TRANSIT, INC. Routes are completed1801800
CONSOLIDATED BUS TRANS. INC. Routes are completed1571570
EMPIRE STATE BUS CORP. Routes are completed43430
GRANDPA`S BUS CO., INC. Routes are completed30300
HOYT TRANSPORTATION CORP. Routes are completed2212210
IC BUS INC. Routes are completed1311310
JOFAZ TRANSPORTATION INC. Routes are completed2552550
LITTLE RICHIE BUS SERVICE Routes are completed2072070
LOGAN BUS COMPANY INC. Routes are completed5335330
LONERO TRANSIT INC. Routes are completed550
LORINDA ENT. LTD. Routes are completed3633630
LORISSA BUS SERVICE INC. Routes are completed12120
MV TRANSPORTATION, INC. Routes are completed72720
PIONEER - BRONXRoutes are completed25250
Pioneer - QueensRoutes are completed18180
PIONEER - STATEN ISLANDRoutes are completed38380
PRIDE TRANSPORTATION (SCH AGE) Routes are completed1221220
R & C TRANSIT INC. Routes are completed550
SAFE COACH INC. Routes are completed66660
SNT BUS INC Routes are completed22220
THIRD AVENUE TRANSIT Routes are completed550