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Date and Time:3/6/2015 7:05:25 PM
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Vendor NameStatusTotal RoutesCompletedPending
ACME BUS CORP. (B2321) Routes are completed48480
ALL AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS CORP. Routes are completed1421420
ALL COUNTY BUS LLC (B2321) Routes are completed42420
ALLIED TRANSIT CORP. Routes are completed64640
B & F SKILLED INC.(B2192) Routes are completed34340
BOBBY`S BUS CO. INC. Routes are completed1271270
BORO TRANSIT, INC. Routes are not completed5430543
CAREFUL BUS Routes are completed85850
CAREFUL BUS SERVICE INC (B2192) Routes are completed11110
CHILDREN`S TRANS INC. (B2321) Routes are completed990
CONSOLIDATED BUS TRANS. INC. Routes are not completed81081
DON THOMAS BUSES, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed1051050
E-Z BUS LLC (B2321) Routes are completed440
EMPIRE CHARTER SERVICE INC Routes are completed330
EMPIRE STATE BUS CORP. Routes are completed14140
FIRST STEPS TRANSP INC. (B2192) Routes are completed1161160
G.V.C. LTD. (B2192) Routes are completed1011010
GOTHAM TRANSPORTATION, CORP. Routes are completed66660
GRANDPA`S BUS CO., INC. Routes are completed2402400
HAPPY CHILD TRANS LLC (B2192) Routes are completed80800
HOYT TRANSPORTATION CORP. Routes are completed1441440
JOFAZ TRANSPORTATION INC. Routes are not completed2590259
L & M BUS CORP (A) Routes are not completed11011
L & M BUS CORP. (B2192) Routes are not completed62062
L & M BUS CORP. (B2321) Routes are not completed10010
LEESEL TRANSP CORP (B2192) Routes are completed2302300
LITTLE LINDA BUS CO.,INC. Routes are not completed13013
LITTLE LISA BUS CO. INC. Routes are not completed68068
LITTLE RICHIE BUS SERVICE Routes are not completed5100510
LOGAN BUS COMPANY INC. Routes are not completed2800280
LOGAN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Routes are completed30300
LORINDA ENT. LTD. Routes are not completed1540154
LORISSA BUS SERVICE INC. Routes are completed1191190
MAR-CAN TRANSPORT CO. INC (B2192) Routes are completed1891890
MONTAUK STUDENT TRANS LLC (B2192) Routes are completed110
MONTAUK STUDENT TRANS, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed990
MUTUAL BUS CORP. (B2192) Routes are completed10100
MUTUAL BUS CORP. (B2321) Routes are completed14140
MV TRANSPORTATION, INC. Routes are not completed16016
NEW DAWN TRANSIT, LLC (B2321) Routes are completed1601600
PHILLIP BUS CORP (B2192) Routes are completed25250
PIONEER - BRONXRoutes are completed1911910
PIONEER - STATEN ISLANDRoutes are completed3783780
Pioneer QueensRoutes are completed1121120
PRIDE TRANSPORTATION (SCH AGE) Routes are completed60600
QUALITY TRANSPORTATION CORP. Routes are completed1371370
R & C TRANSIT, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed440
RELIANT TRANS, INC. (B2321) Routes are not completed9270927
SAFE COACH INC. (B2321) Routes are completed45450
SELBY TRANS CORP. (B2192) Routes are not completed303
SNT BUS INC Routes are not completed3890389
THIRD AVENUE TRANSIT Routes are completed25250
THOMAS BUSES INC (B2192) Routes are completed21210
THOMAS BUSES, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed49490
TWENTY FIRST AV TRANSP (B2192) Routes are completed1251250
VAN TRANS LLC (B2192) Routes are completed1231230
VINNY`S BUS SERVICES (B2321) Routes are completed35350
Y & M TRANSIT CORP (B2192) Routes are not completed2030203
Y & M TRANSIT CORP (B2321) Routes are not completed22022