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Date and Time:2/10/2016 9:19:54 PM
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Vendor NameStatusTotal RoutesRoutes Active TodayCompletedPending 
ACME BUS CORP. (B2321) Routes are completed4646460EY
ALL AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS CORP. Routes are completed1461461460AM
ALL COUNTY BUS LLC (B2321) Routes are completed4141410EL
ALLIED TRANSIT CORP. Routes are completed7979790IE
B & F SKILLED INC.(B2192) Routes are completed3131310EF
BOBBY`S BUS CO. INC. Routes are completed1461461460BB
BORO TRANSIT, INC. Routes are completed5415415410BO
CAREFUL BUS Routes are completed8787870CL
CAREFUL BUS SERVICE INC (B2192) Routes are completed1111110KF
CHILDREN`S TRANS INC. (B2321) Routes are completed9990HE
CONSOLIDATED BUS TRANS. INC. Routes are completed1071071070CS
DON THOMAS BUSES, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed1081081080GT
E-Z BUS LLC (B2321) Routes are completed8770EZ
EMPIRE CHARTER SERVICE INC Routes are not completed8808EQ
EMPIRE STATE BUS CORP. Routes are completed1818180EM
FIRST STEPS TRANSP INC. (B2192) Routes are completed1431431430FR
G.V.C. LTD. (B2192) Routes are completed1121121120GC
GRANDPA`S BUS CO., INC. Routes are completed2672632630GB
HAPPY CHILD TRANS LLC (B2192) Routes are completed9191910HA
HOYT TRANSPORTATION CORP. Routes are completed1331331330AP
IC BUS INC. Routes are completed6666660IA
JOFAZ TRANSPORTATION INC. Routes are completed3113113110JZ
L & M BUS CORP (A) Routes are completed7770LU
L & M BUS CORP. (B2192) Routes are completed5555550LW
L & M BUS CORP. (B2321) Routes are completed9990LQ
LEESEL TRANSP CORP (B2192) Routes are completed2692692690LK
LITTLE LINDA BUS CO.,INC. Routes are completed1313130LL
LITTLE LISA BUS CO. INC. Routes are completed6868680IL
LITTLE RICHIE BUS SERVICE Routes are completed5105105100LB
LOGAN BUS COMPANY INC. Routes are completed3093093090LG
LOGAN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Routes are completed3030300LP
LORINDA ENT. LTD. Routes are completed1951951950LR
LORISSA BUS SERVICE INC. Routes are completed1191191190LS
MAR-CAN TRANSPORT CO. INC (B2192) Routes are completed2032032030MW
MONTAUK STUDENT TRANS LLC (B2192) Routes are completed1110SM
MONTAUK STUDENT TRANS, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed2424240NK
MUTUAL BUS CORP. (B2192) Routes are completed1212120TL
MUTUAL BUS CORP. (B2321) Routes are completed1616160NL
MV TRANSPORTATION, INC. Routes are completed2424240MT
NEW DAWN TRANSIT, LLC (B2321) Routes are completed1711711710NI
PHILLIP BUS CORP (B2192) Routes are completed2929290FP
PIONEER - BRONXRoutes are completed2502502500PT
PIONEER - STATEN ISLANDRoutes are completed3793793790PT
Pioneer QueensRoutes are completed9494940PT
PRIDE TRANSPORTATION (SCH AGE) Routes are completed7777770PC
QUALITY TRANSPORTATION CORP. Routes are completed1701701700QL
R & C TRANSIT, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed4440RN
RELIANT TRANS, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed9079079070RV
SAFE COACH INC. (B2321) Routes are not completed5050050ZF
SELBY TRANS CORP. (B2192) Routes are completed2220SE
SNT BUS INC Routes are completed3973953950NW
THIRD AVENUE TRANSIT Routes are completed1010100TH
THOMAS BUSES INC (B2192) Routes are completed2222220TZ
THOMAS BUSES, INC. (B2321) Routes are completed5757570HT
TWENTY FIRST AV TRANSP (B2192) Routes are completed1261261260TN
VAN TRANS LLC (B2192) Routes are completed1341341340VN
VINNY`S BUS SERVICES (B2321) Routes are completed4040400VS
Y & M TRANSIT CORP (B2192) Routes are completed2282282280YM
Y & M TRANSIT CORP (B2321) Routes are completed2525250YN