DSF Employee Spotlight
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DSF Employee Spotlight: Mary Tan
Mary Tan began working in her high school and college years in the areas of accounting, hiring and training employees. Throughout her years of employment she has worked for various industries including, the food industry, semi-precious stone industry, electronics industry, non-profits and finally the NYC Department of Education. During this time she has developed strong negotiation, troubleshooting and problem solving skills. Mary currently works in the Division of School Facilities, Fleet Services Unit. In her role Mary handles all DSF E-Z Pass accounts, speeding, red-light, toll by mail collections, vehicle mileage reports and Official Business affidavits for parking summons. Mary has singlehandedly streamlined our E-Z Pass processing. The new processing system automates information and allows for accurate reporting and collections of over 130 individual EZ pass tags. Mary’s supervisor is not just impressed with her work product but also her work ethic. Mary is a diligent employee who very rarely misses a day in the office. When she is not working she can be found socializing with friends. FUN FACT: Mary is an avid swimmer. Mary received her Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance from the Far Eastern University. She holds a Financial Statement Analysis & Accounting Principal certificate from New York University and an Individual Tax Preparer certificate from H & R Block. We are honored to have Mary Tan as a member of the Division of School Facilities team. Working with her is an absolute pleasure for all. When you work with Mary there is never any doubt that the information is correct and that the work will be accomplished before any deadline. We thank you Mary for all that you do daily to keep us running.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Pantelis Natsis (Telly)
Pantelis began his career in the private sector as an electrician, working his way to becoming a Project manager for a General Contractor within the private sector on multiple School Construction Authority (SCA), New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), and Dormitory Authority - State of New York (DASNY) projects. In 2015, Telly joined the Division of School Facilities (DSF) as a Contract Manager. He was then promoted to Borough Contract Manager (BCM) and now resides as a Deputy Director of Facilities (DDF) in Manhattan. Pantelis attended and graduated from Long Island City High School. He holds a BOC 1 license, an FDNY P99 Certificate of Fitness for low pressure oil burner operator, and an A35 Certificate of Fitness license to operate and maintain air compressors. When Pantelis is not at work he is constantly fixing anything he can get his hands on. He currently lives in Whitestone, Queens NY. FUN FACT: Pantelis love to cook and BBQ and enjoys riding motorcycles. His favorite part of being a DSF employee is that it provides the means and opportunities for any individual to grow provided you put in the work. The most difficult challenge he has handled in DSF is managing the conversion of (2) separate Catholic lease sites acquired by DOE in record time and ensured that the students and staff had a safe and adequate facility to utilize. As a DDF, he supervises custodian engineers and actively manages the implementation of DSF's operational measures throughout the building portfolio. Pantelis is always willing to put in the work and go the extra mile to accomplish tasks and assist his colleagues. He is looking forward to our next cohort of interns and wants to assist and continue to create more opportunities that are beneficial to all students. We at DSF are proud to have him as an employee and thank him for his service to DSF and the City of New York.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Diane Harilal
Diane Harilal began her Department of Education (DOE) Division of School Facilities (DSF) career in 2000 as a co-op student in the Human Resources Division. She then began working in our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office coordinating with the School Construction Authority (SCA) and DOE for all asbestos projects throughout the city. In 2019 she became the Lead Testing Coordinator of our newly created Water Quality and Lead Compliance Unit. When she is not hard at work she can be found enjoying nature, hiking, music and delicious cuisines. FUN FACT: Diane is an animal lover, specifically dogs. She has a dog named Keto. Diane currently lives in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. She attended Hillcrest High school and went on to get her degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As our Lead Testing Coordinator‎ Diane coordinates lead testing for the Bronx and Queens. She is always quick to respond to inquiries and to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Her favorite part of working at DSF is helping ensure there is a safe and healthy space for students and staff alike. Diane has a quiet and calm work ethic that truly shines through in all she does. She is always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish tasks and assist her fellow employees. Staff that get the chance to work with her are lucky to work with someone as knowledgeable and kind as Diane. We at DSF are proud to have her as an employee and we thank her for her service.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Lisette Urena
Lisette Urena has worked for the City of New York (NYC) for more than 18 years. She began her career with the Department of Administrative Services as a Space Designer and Project manager. After that she worked for the Administration for Children’s Services as a Space Planner and Construction Project manager. Currently she works for the Division of School Facilities as an Administrative Manager and Landlord/Tenant Liaison for Early Childhood leases. When she is not working she can be found drawing, painting and spending time with her family. FUN FACT: She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Lisette currently resides In Parsippany, New Jersey with her husband, two daughters, mother and her dog Leo. She attended Parsons School of Design for two years and then graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from City College in 2003. As our Landlord/Tenant Liaison she handles all facility issues, lease payments, active construction sites within our Early Childhood leased sites. This includes reviews of lease terms daily to make facility issue determinations. We at DSF are thrilled to have Lisette handling all this, as she does it all with efficiency, accuracy and a can do attitude. When all ACS- Early Childhood leases were transferred to the DOE in July 2019, Lisette tackled this head on to make it as smooth a transition as possible. Anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Lisette knows that she is a dedicated employee and handles everything she does with a smile.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Angela Russo
Angela Russo was a corporate Vice President in the private sector and a Senior Project Manager for the New York City Housing Authority before joining the Department of Education (DOE). Angie is currently the Director of the Staten Island Archive Center). Her plan is to continue improving the Archiving Center. When she is not hard at work, she can be found reading, travelling, doing crossword puzzles, and enjoying her family. FUN FACT: Angie wakes up each day and thinks of something personal and something business related to accomplish. Angie currently resides in Staten Island, New York. She is a certified Fire Safety Director for the City of New York (NYC) and serves on the Advisory Board for the New York State Education Department (NYSED). As the Director of SIAC, she maintains 26 million documents, assesses archiving classes for documents throughout the DOE, is responsible for the Special Education records Unit and conducts special projects in the field. Angie’s unit was recently shifted to join the Division of School Facilities (DSF) family. We at DSF have had the pleasure of working with Angie on numerous record and document projects throughout the years. We are happy to have someone as diligent, hardworking and knowledgeable join DSF.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Glen Jemmott
Glen Jemmott began his career in Education working at Pace University for 28 years as a Business Intelligence Developer. He began working for the Department of Education (DOE) in October 2017 as a temporary employee. The Division of School Facilities (DSF) appointed him in a permanent position in August of 2018. Currently, Glen is DSF’s Assistant Director of Violations. When Glen is not working, he can be found riding motorcycles and enjoying fine cigars. FUN FACT: Glen is trained in Schutzhund with his dogs. Schutzhund refers to a sport that focuses on developing and evaluating those traits in dogs that make them more useful and happier companions to their owners. Currently Glen resides in the Bronx but was born and raised in Brooklyn. No matter where he lives, Brooklyn will always be considered his home. As Assistant Director Glen manages the Violations Department while being the liaison between other city agencies and the DOE. This entails analyzing violation data, creating reports, and reviewing and requesting dismissals for violations. At the start of the pandemic, Glen joined the Violations Unit. He juggled the new perils of the pandemic and a new set of tasks for his job at this trying time. Glen helped create new procedures that allowed DSF to continue our mission and ensure stringent steps were implemented to keep everyone safe as these tasks were performed. Anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Glen knows that he handles all with a level of calm and kindness that is so critical always, but especially throughout the pandemic.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Alvin Berrios
Alvin Berrios began his Department of Education (DOE) career in May 2008. Currently, Alvin is DSF’s Procurement Analyst in the Materials Management unit. Prior to that he worked in the private sector Banking field. When Alvin is not working, he can be found dancing to salsa music, writing or playing percussion instruments. FUN FACT: Alvin is known for being a people person and an amazing listener. Alvin attended Rice High School in Manhattan. He went on to attend Mercy College and obtain his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management. Currently he resides in the Pelham Bay neighborhood of the Bronx. As a Procurement Analyst, Alvin oversees daily running of the materials management / supply chain, ensuring materials are being delivered in a timely basis to all school locations and monitoring the materials and custodial entities on a daily basis. During the pandemic he has been managing a volatile supply chain, overseeing the distribution of PPE, and even worked onsite with tradespeople to ensure they had the necessary materials to keep the schools running. He is an amazing team player who is always ready to pitch in and help DSF get the job done. His motto is “Line it up, Knock It Down!”, which is a great summation of his attitude toward work. He is a pleasure to work with; not only because of his great work, but because he does it all with a friendly smile and genuine care for others. His favorite thing about being a DSF employee is being part of a team that is so supportive and goal oriented. DSF is thrilled to have Alvin as an employee and even happier to have him as a coworker and friend.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Louis Fevola
Louis Fevola began his Department of Education (DOE) journey in 1995 as a cleaner at P.S. 31 in Brooklyn. He continued his career and went on to hold positions such as handyperson, fireman, and foreman. He went on to work in the same field outside of DOE and returned to in May of 2018 in the position of Deputy Director of Fleet Services. When Louis is not working, he can be found gardening, planting vegetables, and making pizza in his backyard with family. FUN FACT: Louis is known for bad dad jokes and enjoys watching Marvel movies with his family. Louis attended Liberty High School in Manhattan. He went on to obtain his Building Occupancy Certifications (BOC) I & II, Fire Safety Director Certification through John Jay College, and his CFC license. He currently resides in Nassau county with his wife and three children. As Deputy Director of Fleet Services Louis oversees a multitude of areas including Fleet Services, Trucking, E-Waste, restructures, and Shipping and Receiving. He can always be found juggling many tasks at once, but always smiling. Throughout the pandemic, Louis and his team successfully ensured that PPE was delivered timely throughout the DOE and community. When working with Louis you can be assured that the job will be done properly, timely and efficiently. His favorite thing about being a DSF employee is being part of a team that supports each other to overcome any challenges. DSF is delighted to have Louis as a part of our team. He is truly a dedicated employee and we thank him!
DSF Employee Spotlight: Nora Carreras
Nora Carreras began her Department of Education (DOE) career in 1989. Through the Co-Op Program she began as an intern with DOE and has been an employee ever since. Prior to that Nora worked as a Youth Counselor through the Summer Youth Program. When not at work Nora enjoys baking, crocheting and spending time with family and friends. FUN FACT: Nora loves attending jury duty. She finds it fascinating, and cannot wait to be called. Her favorite is when she can participate in Grand Jury proceedings. Nora attended Morris High in the Bronx. She is still a proud Bronx resident and will always call The Bronx her home. Nora currently works within the Chief Administrative Officer’s office providing administrative support across a number of units. She is always quick to lend her knowledge, skills and patience to any area within the Division of School Facilities (DSF). Her favorite thing about working at DSF is the variety of people and the ever changing work that is done. Anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Nora knows that she is confident, reliable and handles all tasks with the utmost efficiency. Nora provides more than administrative support to DSF, she possesses an institutional knowledge that can only be gained when someone dedicates their career to civil service as Nora has done. We are lucky and proud to have Nora as an integral part of the DSF team.
DSF Employee Spotlight: Gerard Zembrycki

Gerard Zembrycki is a Carpenter Supervisor with our Brooklyn North Team. He has worked for the City of New York since 1999. Prior to that he worked in a small shop fabricating and installing cabinets. When he is not working he can be found fiddling with his cars. He has a 1968 Camaro and a 1970 VW Beetle that he is looking forward to restoring.

FUN FACT: He is an identical twin.

Gerard is a lifelong Brooklyn resident. He attended William E . Grady HS to study the automotive trade. Here is where he was introduced to cabinet making. Gerard currently oversees carpentry work in Brooklyn North. He assisted in the design, fabrication, and installation of protective barriers for the Court street welcome center. This was vital to the re-opening of the center. He always responds during off hours to emergences and is very reliable. He is a problem solver and a team player. Everyone, including his peers, colleagues, supervisors and DOE partners, recognizes his hard work and dedication.

DSF Employee Spotlight: Nichelle Hudlin

Nichelle Hudlin is our Communications and Trainings Coordinator with the Division of School Facilities (DSF) Office of Sustainability. She has worked at the Department of Education (DOE) for 5 years. Before joining the DOE she worked at the New York City Department of Homeless Services and interned with the New York State Attorney General's Office. Her favorite part of being a DSF employee is working with such amazing people everyday. When she is not working she can be found traveling the globe, learning the history of cultures and religions or volunteering at events that help make a moment a bit brighter to those less fortunate.

FUN FACT: She traveled to Cuba solo not knowing any Spanish!

Nichelle is a New York City Education System graduate. She holds her Bachelor Degree from Brooklyn College in History and Sociology. She was born and raised in Brooklyn and now resides in Harlem. Nichelle is responsible for writing the Sustainability newsletter, handling the portal data, creating material for print or digital use, planning all trainings and events and co-manages the rFUTURE program. Her supervisor describes her as the calm center of the Sustainability team. She works so well with the office as a collective, but also with each co-worker individually. The Sustainability team, as well as all of us at DSF, are so proud to have Nichelle on our team but we are also lucky to know her.

DSF Employee Spotlight: Christopher Ramsaroop

Christopher Ramsaroop has worked for the City of New York for 16 years. He began his career in 2005 and has held various finance and accounting positions with the Department of Finance and the Department of Transportation. Five years ago he came to work for the Division of School Facilities as the Senior Finance Manager. When not handling our enormous finance workload, he can be found enjoying all things science fiction or experiencing different cultures.

FUN FACT: Chris was born on December 25th, Christmas Day!

Chris is a New York City Education System graduate. He holds his MBA from Long Island University and his BBA in Business Computer Information Systems from Hofstra University. He is a lifelong Queens resident.

Chris is responsible for many tasks within our finance unit. He processes approximately 38,000 invoices worth $1.27 billion annually. He does all this with a calm, cool and pleasant demeanor. When Mel Chaiken passed earlier this year, Chris stepped up to handle all Mel’s work on top of his own and made it look seamless. In reality it was a great lift that required a ton of hard work and swift learning. Chris continues to handle all that comes his way with grace and a positive attitude. DSF is grateful to have him as a staff member and all who work with him are grateful to have him as a colleague and peer.