Our monthly menus are carefully planned by a team of professional Chefs. With culinary expertise, scientific understanding, and a progressive menu strategy, our school meals offer a variety of healthy, great-tasting, and creative food choices. Our menus are tailored to always provide nutrient rich options that students of all ages and backgrounds will love. Balanced meal selections meet precise nutrition standards which meet and many times exceed USDA standards. We make certain that K-12 students are offered a variety of smart choices such as the following:

  • • Whole Grain Cereals and Breads
  • • A Variety of Vegetables
  • • Assorted Fruits
  • • Fresh Salads
  • • Low-fat and Fat-free Milk

Seeing students succeed in school is what drives our passion to serve high-quality meals that will feed growing children and a student’s mind to achieve academic success.


SchoolFood has developed a collection of over 130 recipes for healthy, child friendly, and simply delicious fare - main dishes, side dishes, and sauces. Our team of Culinary Professionals tryout, adjust, and retest a recipe concept several times before it is published to guarantee that the diverse pallets and requests of the 1.1 million NYC students in over 1,700 schools are met.

Our comprehensive recipes incorporate formulas to produce significant quantities expected in an institutional food service program – recipes are scaled to produce yields that range from 18 to over 250. They are sensibly developed to assure that our cooks, production, and preparation teams across the City can easily learn the recipes and produce high-quality meals. As a result, our staff members grow into confident Cooks because the recipes eliminate guesswork and certify that a large quantity of meals will turn out as it was intended. In other words, every time the recipe is prepared, the same food product is produced—in taste, yield, serving size, nutritional value, and student satisfaction.

Our goal is to always serve healthy food and maintain high nutritional standards while offering delicious and satisfying menu choices.


Kid-Friendly Kale Salad

After surveying a number of students, we've compiled a list of NYC students' favorite SchoolFood recipes. The Kid-Friendly Kale Salad was voted a FAVORITE! We don’t disagree; the blend of unique kale, dressing and fruit gives this salad a very fresh and seasonal taste. View the recipe and give it a try!


SchoolFood's works closely with the food industry - food processors, manufacturers, and distributors, to develop products that meet the USDA Standards for School Meals and the New York City Food Standards. Click here to view our current list of prohibited ingredients.

Developing food products that stand up to the mandated requirements while remaining superior in taste, requires creativity and customization. Therefore, we invest a considerable amount of time in product conversion; reformulating food items to guarantee that our product line enables us to create citywide menus that are specific to the various school divisions, support recipe development, offer balanced choices, and meet the needs of our students.

NYC students play an integral part in helping SchoolFood select our product line. All new and reformulated products are tested and rated by our students. If a product does not meet their satisfaction, it is not approved. SchoolFood remains committed to the K-12 segment and to developing and sourcing quality products for healthier children.


Locally produced foods support self-reliant food economies- one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of that area.

SchoolFood proudly supports New York State products. To learn more about the local farms and food products used in NYC schools click on the videos below.

NY Apples

Dairy Farms


SchoolFood offers an array of branded food products in our food service program. Our ultimate goal is to improve student nutrition while meeting the nutritional guidelines set by the USDA. Our branded products are healthier alternatives of popular items that children enjoy eating.


In an effort to improve the health and wellness of New York City students, the Department of Education and the Office of SchoolFood upholds the New York City Food Standards. Our goal is to provide students and the overall school environment with healthy snacking options.

The New York City Department of Education snack and beverage standards for products sold in schools pertain to all items offered in: adult and student vending machines, school stores, student clubs, and all school based fundraising events.

Snack and beverage vendors can only supply products that support the established guidelines. To ensure that we promote and encourage healthier lifestyles, the vended agreements specifically indicate that vending machines are only in operation when meal service is not in session throughout the school day.